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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. Some restrictions apply.

Badia Gluten-Free Linden Leaves Herbal Tea Bags 25 Ct

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Badia Linden Leaves Tea is a soothing and relaxing tea. The infusion prepared with Linden Leaves is one of the most desired; it has a distinctive refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed hot and cold. Enjoy the taste of Badia Linden Leaves Tea alone or combined with mint for a twist of flavor. Badia Linden Leaves Tea has no caffeine; digestive and soothing properties; and it is very easy to prepare. For hot tea; simply boil water and add the tea bag; let it sit a few minutes for the infusion of flavor and enjoy! For a cold and refreshing beverage use cool or room temperature water and add the bags; stir; and enjoy. The more bags used; the more concentrated flavor you will have. You can sweeten Badia Linden

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