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B&B Orgeat Concentrate 22.9 oz - Concentrado de Horchata (Pack of 1)

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ByB Orgeat Concentrate is the quick and easy way to enjoy this traditional flavored rice milk drink. Long a favorite in many households and sold as a fresh refreshment; one can now enjoy horchata by simply mixing this concentrate to tastes. Made to please the need for a cool and nutritious drink in the hot weather; many people also use it in the cold seasons as a warm drink. ByB Orgeat Concentrate reminds one of the authentic homemade recipes for this traditional and refreshing rice milk treat. The convenient concentrate form has recommended serving suggestions. However; the benefit of a concentrate is that one can make it to individual tastes. Some prefer heavier mix than others and with this powdered form; everyone can have it just the way they like. It stores easily and is always available for use. It is quick; convenient; and delicious. Whether one has had this delicious drink since childhood or trying it for the first time; concentrated horchata makes it simple.

sugar;rice;water;spices;citric acid (acidulant)sodium benzoate and potasium sorbate(preservatives)


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